Pistachio In-Shell

Pistachio In-Shell

Top Importers of Pistachio In-Shell in Delhi

K R Trading Corporation is not only the most well-known importer but also one of the best pistachios in-shell suppliers from Delhi. These nutrients-packed dry fruits are sourced from Iran, United States of America and Australia one of the biggest producers of organic pistachio nuts.

In-Shell Pistachio Nuts- A Perfect Combination of Health and Taste

Besides all the fresh vegetables and fruits, include our in-shell pistachios in your diet, to have a healthy and energetic life routine. We as in-shell pistachio wholesale suppliers supply pistachios which are full of protein, dietary fiber, and vitamins and fulfill your daily requirement of vitamins and minerals.

Benefits of Our Offered In-Shell Pistachios

  •  A balanced amount of fat content
  •  Nutty and crispy
  •  Free of genetically modified techniques and harmful foreign particles
  •  100% natural and healthy
  •  No treatment with ionizing rays
  •  Contain a high amount of protein, fat, calcium, fiber, and potassium


Iran, United States of America, Australia


Ahamad Agai, Fanduki, Jumbo, Akbari


18/20, 20/22, 22/24, 24/26, 26/28, 28/30

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