Almonds Kernels

Almonds Kernels

Leading Kernel Almonds Suppliers from Delhi

We as almond kernels wholesale suppliers from Delhi are ready to supply best quality Kernel Almonds in large quantities. Before delivering the consignment,  stringent quality control checks are made to make sure that the products are free from foreign substances and are packed optimally.

Imported from the Genuine Vendors of the World

K R Trading Corporation has acquired a special place among the reigning almond kernels importers. We have a proven track record of supplying exquisite grade premium almonds with or without shells. The products we import are sourced from the organic planters and are 100% authentic.

Benefits of Almonds Kernels:

  • Leading source of Vitamin E, Magnesium, Potassium, and Iron
  • Help lower cholesterol level in the body
  • One handful- Contribute to a person’s daily protein needs
  • Almond Kernel can be used to make Badam Rogan
  • Badam Rogan is good for hair, facial, body massage and all over skin


Iran, Afganistan, United States of America, Pakistan, Australia


Gurbandi, Kagzi, Mamra, Kandhari, American, Karmal

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