Almonds In-Shell

Almonds In-Shell

Best In-Shell Almonds from K R Trading Corporation!

K R Trading Corporation, the best in-shell almonds suppliers from Delhi work incessantly to provide our clients with superior grade almonds packed in their shells. These raw almonds are high in nutrition and are a good choice for snacking. Every piece of in-shell almond is in its natural state and unbleached.

Top Importers of In-Shell Almonds

Being recognized as one of the most popular importers of in-shell almonds, our patrons in every corner of India trust us to deliver the best quality at the best rates. Filled with infinite properties in-shell almonds guarantee the best health benefits.

Benefits of In-Shell Almonds?

Feel free to contact us for in-shell almonds, wholesale suppliers from Delhi. check out the benefits that our products provide:

  • Lower the risk of heart attack
  • Because of the shell, these nuts exist in raw form
  • Bright and clean shells
  • Intact nutritional value
  • Imported from Afghanistan, Iran, USA, and Pakistan, known for the organic cultivation of dry fruits
  • Almond in shell is good for eyesight


Afganistan, United States of America, Iran, Pakistan, Australia


American Non Pareil, Independent, Gola, Carmel

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